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  • A Professionally Formulated Healthy Hair Complex - 100 capsules, up to 2-month treatment.
  • Works for all Hair Types - Makes Miracle with African-American and Ethnic Hair.
  • A Multifunction Hair, Skin and Nails Formula - A Unique, All Natural and 100% Drug-Free Dietary Supplement.
  • Grow Stronger, Thicker and Fuller Hair with our nourishing nutrients for Thinning Hair.
  • Incorporates an Exclusive Combination of Performance Ingredients and Botanical Extracts which work to provide Synergistic properties to achieve desired regrowth results.

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For those with untamable and unruly hair, styling and sporting an awesome afro can be a challenge. You take pride in your 'fro with its fullness and thick texture, you scream "This is me, a confident person with a big 'fro!"

Black hair can especially have a mind of its own!
Maintain healthy hair takes tender loving care and the right products. There are many African American hairstyles today that show off a beautiful, thick and big healthy head of hair. While there are many products on the market to maintain that fro, there is one product that is proven to help yo 'fro fo sho!

You'Fro promotes strong hair as well as hair growth for all hair types!
Don't waste time with other hair vitamins that might not render any results. YouFro is an advanced hair complex that is great for the hair and the skin because of its all natural ingredients.
This drug free product thickens hair naturally so you can rock the perfect Hairdo!

100% satisfaction is guaranteed.
You should try You'fro to see what this product has to offer for your 'fro.

Just take two capsules daily to discover beauty from within!
For an intensive treatment, you can go up to 6 capsules per day. Use this dietary supplement along with your other hair products. You'll be stunned at the gradual improvement of your Hair healthy appearance.

The amazing testimonials boasting You'fro's powerful affects prove that this product is worth a shot!
Thicker hair is guaranteed!

Get beautiful and healthier hair now by trying You'fro today!

Improves Hair Thickness, Promotes Hair Regrowth, Nourishes Hair Follicle.


For intensive results, take up to 6 capsules daily, preferably on an empty stomach. For care treatment, take 2 capsules daily.





By karribeanqueen
Im usually not the type to write any reviews for any product but i felt compelled to write a review on YOU FRO. This product is the BOMB, it really really works. I must say that Ive never had any issues with growing my hair. In May 2010 I cut my hair in a bob and a few months later I went to my stylist to put in a relaxer. The relaxer made some of my hair fall out in the middle of my hair. I wassss soooo angry that I didnt even know what to do with myself. So to try to fix it, I had no choice but to put in a couple of tracks( which was costly) in the middle to make my hair look full bc you could tell that my hair was thin to my hair falling out. One day I was browsing the internet looking for the best brand of biotin pills to help my hair grow back and I came across YOU FRO. Im telling you that was the best thing I ever did. I was very skeptical at first esp when I saw the price lol but I went ahead and decided to buy them. That was the best investment I ever made. Now it is Dec of 2011 and my hair is past my shoulders and it much stronger thanks to YOU FRO. I dont know what are in these pills, its like they have steriods in them lol but I promise you they will help your hair grow you just have to be patient and really take care of your hair. Even at times when I didnt take care of my hair like I should have, my hair still grew. I know the pills are expensive but to help stretch out the pills, take one a day rather than the recommended 2 a day as it says on the bottle. I hope this helps.

By ebbeysweets
This product is well worth the money. However purchase from it from their site...its cheaper.For the price they charge here..tack on 6 more dollars and you can have 2 bottles there!

By Kim
This is a great product. It does work. You do have to take care of your hair, so do not expect the vitamin to do all of the work on its own.

By Annette
Omg! These hair vitamins are amazing. I specifically waited for 3 months to do a review on YOUFRO, c'os I wasn't expecting my hair to change much in the first month. But wasn't i wrong! ! My hairline had picked up dramatically. This is one of my problem areas. my hair has grown 2 and ahalf inches over the 3 months.I just took my sew- ins down after 4 months, and my hair was so thick, I was struggling to comb my hair. I usually have fine hair. When I started, my hair was just past my collar bone. Now my hair is touching APL!! I'm 3 inches away from BSL. This hair vitamins, GROWS YOUR HAIR. However, c'os of the high contents of biotin, I had to increase my water intake, to eliminate breakouts., which occured in the 2nd month. If your thinking about purchasing this products, I would say buy at least 3 bottles to see siginificant results. You won't become rupunzel over night. Nonetheless, with these vitamins, a good diet, water and with a proper haircare regime, you wil gain growth.

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